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Explore the fundamentals of drawing in this 2.5 hour workshop at Super Secret Projects!


This is the perfect introductory class to the important skill of traditional drawing, which is the most useful craft in the visual arts.


We will utilize a combination of photos and a still-life arrangement to explore the process of constructing a drawing from the ground up. You will learn how to use variations of line to establish a sturdy under-drawing and delve into various 3D shading techniques using both pencils and charcoal.


In this workshop, we will use classic exercises to help you learn how to see shape and form in your own, unique way. By the end of this workshop, you will have a concrete understanding of the fundamentals of drawing and a renewed sense of confidence in your sketching.

Suitable for anyone aged 16 or older, Adult beginners, improvers, intermediate


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"Chris encourages your creativity and finding your voice while helping you get better. I am almost surprised when I see how much I have learned while it feels like I have simply been having fun. I have learned so much from listening to him talking to the other creators in class. Chris has a tremendous knack of turning his group of students into a supportive creative community."

- Hilde VDB, NYC

Saturday, April 6th


Location: 484 Main St, Beacon, NY

(in the back art gallery of Hyperbole)


1 day workshop materials are included.


Class size is limited to 10 students to ensure that adequate time and attention is given to everyone.

Discover the gateway to your artistic journey with this inclusive drawing workshop! Whether you're a complete beginner or seeking to refine your skills, all levels are welcome.


Dive into a realm of creative expression and stress relief as you embark on this joyful drawing adventure, where you will:

  • Engage in personalized, one-on-one guidance from an expert instructor, tailored specifically for beginners.

  • Explore an array of drawing styles and mediums, so that you can adopt a fearless attitude towards drawing.

  • Master fundamental techniques such as charcoal and pencil usage, shading, expressive line work, mark-making, 3-D effects, dimension, and beyond, so that you can unlock your inner artist.

  • Experience the gratification of completing drawings that fill you with pride.

  • Benefit from the scientifically backed advantages of drawing, such as boosted self-confidence, diminished anxiety and depression, stress relief, heightened mental acuity, and a feeling of community within a nurturing artistic environment.

Join the many others who have experienced impressive artistic progress while under Chris's guidance. Embark on this transformative artistic journey and unlock your creative potential today!


Materials list
  • 3 Pencils (6H, 3B and HB)

  • 2 Blending Stumps

  • 2 pieces Vine Charcoal

  • 1 piece Compressed Charcoal

  • 1 piece White Pastel

  • 1 Kneaded Eraser

  • 1 White Vinyl Eraser

  • 1 Pencil Sharpener

  • 1 Sandpaper Sharpener

  • 4 pieces of 14"x17" White Drawing Paper

  • 1 piece of 11"x14" Toned Gray Paper


Chris Ams - square pic.jpg

Chris Ams is a Fine Artist, Illustrator, Singer-songwriter, and Art Educator based in Beacon, NY.


As an art educator, Chris is passionate about cultivating encouraging environments that promote inclusive artistic growth, empowerment, and nourishment. His teaching philosophy is anchored in his deep belief in the healing, transformational power of art, the importance of listening, and his personal goals to be a lifelong creator and learner.


Chris has taught classes and coached private students at both the Metropolitan Museum of Art and the American Museum of Natural History in New York City, as well as conducted virtual online sessions with the New York Public Library.


With years of experience teaching and mentoring students of all ages and skill levels both in person and online across the globe, Chris maintains a steadfast commitment to fostering proactive environments that spotlight the exploration of diverse styles and techniques.


Regardless of the medium used, he always feels most at home when exploring, creating, empowering others through creativity, and breathing life into ideas in ways that excite and inspire.

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