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Yes! You Are Creative!

"Chris encourages your creativity and finding your voice while meanwhile helping you get better. I am almost surprised when I see how much I have learned while it feels like I have simply been having fun. I was also amazed to see that he makes a remote class as good and, in fact, better than an in studio class - I have learned so much from listening to him talking to the other creators in class. Chris has a tremendous knack of turning his group of students into a supportive creative community."

- Hilde VDB, NYC

"As a result of working with Chris, I feel more creative. I understand perspective much better. My drawings are more dynamic—they have more depth. i feel much more thoughtful about art and drawing in general."

- Laura J., NYC

"Truly the best instructor for whatever level of artist you are!"

- Robin P., VA

Are you someone who:

•  Has always wanted to make art, but doesn't know where to begin?


•  Starts a lot of creative projects, but has trouble finishing them?


•  Wants to find the power in your own creative voice to reduce stress, anxiety and boost your mood?


•  Has experience creating, but wants to learn more about technique in order to build a specific skill set?


•  Is interested in picking up a new hobby?

•  Wants to get better at drawing, painting, or creative problem solving?


•  Wants to experience the healing, transformative and therapeutic benefits of making art?

• Would like to be part of a unique, online creative community?

Chris Ams - square pic.jpg

"Chris is an engaging, knowledgeable and personable teacher who inspires students to explore new techniques and not be intimidated by the process. He has an innate ability to make students feel at ease, and his encouragement enhances our talents and makes us better artists. I love Chris's format for the virtual classroom -- and I've learned not only from his personal instruction but from his insights to the other students. His classes are the highlight of my week."

- Sue M., Phoenix, AZ

"There is so much information available which can be overwhelming and daunting while trying to learn. Chris simplified concepts and broke everything down so that approaching each painting was far less intimidating."

- Frank M., Norwalk, CT

"I started online art classes at the start of COVID and experimented with various mediums and teachers. I was struggling to find an art teacher who truly embraced and encouraged my unique painting style and who could also teach me important technical art skills. Chris made all those struggles disappear."

- Julie K., Monroe, CT

"Before taking classes with Chris I was struggling with finding a creative outlet & a way of self-expression during a rough year: cancer diagnosis, surgery & treatment during the height of the pandemic, and as a result of taking classes I gained increased confidence in my abilities to create art, painting as a way to relax, and even mood-boosting when I need it most."

- Robin P., Blacksburg, VA

Chris Ams - in studio

As an art educator, my passion is for encouraging creativity and cultivating environments that promote inclusive artistic growth, empowerment and nourishment. My teaching philosophy is anchored in my deep belief in the healing, transformational power of art, the importance of listening, and my own personal goals to be a lifelong creator and learner. 


I have taught classes and private students at both the Metropolitan Museum of Art, and the American Museum of Natural History in New York City, as well as virtual, online sessions with the New York Public Library. In addition to my teaching, I have also worked as assistant painter for world-renowned Pop Artist, Ron English.


With years of experience teaching and mentoring students of all ages and skill levels both in person and online across the globe, I hold a steadfast commitment to fostering proactive environments that spotlight the exploration of diverse styles and techniques. Whether you're age 1, or 101, you are creative!

BFA - Studio Art, Oakland University, MI.

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