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Craft Your Chilling Tale:
From First Sketch to Spooky Storybook in 5 Sessions!

Is your child ready to dive into the enchanting world of storytelling?


The Autumn mist is rolling in, and so is the perfect time to craft your very own spine-tingling story. Kids from ages 10-14 are invited to join this unique "Story Spark" workshop to draw and write their spookiest tale this Halloween season!


Whether your child loves sketching out creepy creatures, dreams of worlds unknown, or has a spooky tale itching to break free, our "Story Spark: From Flicker to Fright" workshop is the right place to bring their creativity to life!


What's in Store?

  1. Craft Characters: Not just any characters, but THEIR OWN! Discover the magic of creepy character design from silhouette to personality!

  2. Build Worlds Beyond Reality: Picture abandoned mansions, haunted forests, or eerie graveyards. Craft settings that make every reader's heart race!

  3. Storyboard like a Pro: Convert your ideas into compelling visuals. Your own story, scene by scene!

  4. Craft & Bind Your Own Book: The climax? Learn how to craft and bind your OWN spooky storybook. 📚✨


Sharpen those pencils, gather your darkest dreams, and embark on a journey where every twist is a scream.

🌟 Space is very limited! Dive into a universe of creativity.

Your epic saga awaits! 🌟

Story Spark -

"Because every great story starts with a spark..."

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