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Acrylic painting workshop

Image by Yannis Papanastasopoulos

Explore the fundamentals of acrylic painting in this beginner workshop series! In addition to being incredibly easy to use, acrylics yield some of the most vibrant and versatile results. This is the perfect introductory class to learn techniques while getting individual feedback that you can then take with you as you move forward on your own creative journey. In this workshop students will discover how to paint a landscape and a cityscape while learning about color theory and traditional painting methods such as glazing, stippling, color mixing and dry brushing. By the end of the second session, you will have two beautiful paintings that you can be proud of!

Image by Melvin Thambi

How it works: This is an online class. Students are required to download the (free) Zoom App before class time. Once you register, I will e-mail you with a booking confirmation and supply you with a link to join the class on your App. 


Materials: Art supplies are NOT included in the online class fee. To view the full materials list for this class, please CLICK HERE. All art materials are readily available online. 

Saturday, August 22nd & Saturday, August 29th

Class meets Online from 6-8pm EST

Each session is 2 hours in length

$50 per session

or full 2 session workshop $75

Saturday, August 22nd:

• Learn how to paint a landscape based on a photo reference with acrylics from start to finish

• Explore how to achieve depth through the use of color

• Discover how to use the techniques of glazing, stippling and dry brushing effectively

• Learn how to mix colors 

Saturday, August 29th:

• Learn how to paint a cityscape based on a photo reference with acrylics from start to finish

• Explore how to convey architectural form through the use of light and shadow, and warm and cool colors 

• Discover how to render a scene using one point perspective 

• Learn how to blend colors effectively

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